Nikki G. Maples participated in Career Day for the Girls Empowerment Network (GEN), which is an after-school program for girls in grades 3-8. The girls in GEN are surrounded by adult women who inspire them, motivate them, and give them a safe place to express themselves and address issues and challenges that the girls may be facing.

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On Career Day, Nikki was assigned to two different elementary schools and asked to join other professional women at one of the after-school GEN meetings. Nikki described her career as a lawyer and the path that they each traveled to get where they are today. Many of the girls asked, “Did you always know you wanted to be a lawyer when you grow up?”, “Is your job hard?”, “Are there lots of girl lawyers?”, and so on. The girls were inquisitive and eager to hear about the life of a female lawyer, but they were especially interested in our high heels…girls will be girls, after all. It was interesting to learn that many of the girls wanted to be dancers, movie stars, or singers, with the exception of one eight-year old who shared that, at age three, she decided she would be an archeologist, because she LOVES old things.

After a long day at the office riddled with various family law emergencies, it was refreshing to spend a couple of hours with young girls with messy pony tails, dirty fingernails from the playground, and beautiful big eyes. These girls were attentive, respectful, and inspired. A huge shout out to the women of Girls Empowerment Network who make these programs possible, because they are molding these little girls for greatness.

To learn more about Girls Empowerment Network, visit their website.